The Society of the War of 1812
in the State of Indiana

Male descendants of good moral character and reputation proving lineal descent
from an American participant of the War of 1812 are eligible for membership.


“The General Society of the War of 1812”, at the 2010 Annual Board Meeting, held in Rochester, New York as the first order of business, voted by Acclimation to approve recognition of the “Society of the War of 1812 in the State of Indiana”. Through the efforts of Dr Donald E. Gradeless, of Winona Lake, Indiana, who acted as Organizing President, Indiana met the requirements of the General Society. Indiana is the 28th State to achieve this recognition.

As descendants of those in the military who took part in the conflict with Great Britain, known as the "War of 1812", a goal is to perpetuate the memories and victories, to collect and secure for preservation, rolls, records, books, and other documents relating to that period; to encourage research and publication of historical data, including memorials of patriots of that era in our National history, maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom, and foster true patriotism and love of country.

President General M. Hall Worthington of Maryland, Deputy President General Lawrence K. Casey, Jr., of Beaumont Texas, and all General Society Officers extend their congratulations and appreciation to Dr Donald E. Gradeless and the Indiana Members on their accomplishment.

Lawrence K. Casey, Jr.
Deputy President General
General Society of the War of 1812

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